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Important Links:
- Download the call for papers.
- Download a checklist with all information how to prepare your submission..
- Check the list of subject areas.
- Refer to the style guide when preparing your submission.
- Upload your paper into this system .

We invite you to submit your best work on mass customization, personalization, and related areas, addressing one or more of the questions addressed in the call for papers. All papers have to be written in English language. We prefer papers which are empirically grounded and go beyond pure conceptual contributions. We are open to a diverse set of quantitative and qualitative methods of empirical research. We especially seek papers which follow the idea of "engaged scholarship", i.e. which are relevant to both practice and research.

You can submit three types of papers (page limits include references and figures):

Submission limit: Maximum 3 paper submissions per author, independently whether you are the first, the presenting, or the co-author of a paper. This means: Your name can be on a maximum of three submitted papers.

The conference proceedings will contain short abstracts of all accepted papers (200 words) . Authors of accepted papers can decide if they submit a (revised) version of their full paper for publication in the full-text proceedings of the conference, or just a summary version which does not compromise publication of the paper in top journals. Please follow the style guidelines when preparing your paper (format, reference style).

A number of highly respected academic journals expressed already their interest in featuring special issues with selected conference papers after the conference. We will try to facilitate this process for appropriate submissions.

To submit a paper (practitioners: presentation proposal), please use ONLY the online submission system for this conference. Do not submit papers per e-mail directly to the conference chairs. All papers will be double-blind reviewed. Note: ALL presenters and participants, including presenters from companies, have to register for the conference. There are no exceptions.

Important dates:

April 7 , 2007 (6pm EST) : Deadline for submissions (final extension to April 7)
June 1, 2007: Final notification of accepted contributions
Aug. 1, 2007: Presenter registration deadline*
Oct 7-9, 2007: MCP Research & Innovation Conference at MIT
Oct 11-12, 2007: Business Seminar in Montreal, Quebec


Paper submission process

MCPC 2007 uses a central paper submission and review system for the submission of all papers for the conference:

But before submitting your paper, read the following instructions ( download the instruction in a PDF file ):

Also practitioners submitting a speaking proposal have to use this system and follow all steps.

(1) Before you enter the submission system, please check the following:

(2) If you have your paper ready, please enter the Paper Submission system:

Direct link:

TIP: Please make sure that your browser accepts pop-up windows from

Paper limit: Maximum 3 paper submissions per author, independently whether you are the first, the presenting, or the co-author of a paper. This means: Your name can be on a maximum of three submitted papers

First, create an account. If you have already an account, do NOT create another account, but just select log-in. Note: Creating an account does NOT register you for the conference. This has to be done in a separate system.

Now, enter the AUTHOR center. There you can choose to submit a new manuscript on the Dashboard:

Select “Click here to submit a new manuscript” on the right.

Select the paper type (note: If you are a mass customization practitioner submitting a speaking proposal on your MC case study, select EXTENDED ABSTRACT).

Select the Area from the Pull-Down menu.

Submit your title and abstract. You can copy/paste this information from any other file using Ctrl-V. Please take care of the word limits!!.

Press NEXT in the lower right corner.

Now, enter the information about your co-authors (if any). You can also select the author order and who is the presenting author (Default: the person who submits the paper is the first author and presenting author – but you can change this).

Press NEXT in the lower right corner.

Now you have to upload the blinded and the unblended version of your papers.

Please select both files, and select in the File description menu which version is the blinded paper and which the one with your author names.

After you have pressed NEXT, please be patient. Your paper is uploaded and converted into a PDF file. This may take several minutes, depending on your connection and the server load. During this process, a pop-up window appears. Please confirm the two messages during this process.

Close the pop-up, and go back to the main screen.

Now, the File Upload screen comes again, showing the two papers, one is the blinded, the other one the version including your name(s) and affiliation(s).

Press NEXT in the lower right corner, do NOT upload a second paper at this time, but first finalize the upload of the first one!

Review If everything is correct. Check for green and red marks on the left.

If the system requires any more information or changes, you can correct it here. You also have to check the PDF of the blinded paper at the end (press on PDF). If everything is OK, finalize the paper submission process.

Return to the author dashboard, submit a second paper, or log-out.

Once a review for your paper is available, you will get an e-mail and can review the results of the review process (this information will be available at the beginning of June 2007).

Paper style guidelines

Please take care of the following guidelines when submitting a paper:

References and notes

Use the Harvard (name and date) short reference system for citations in the text with a detailed alphabetical list at the end of the paper. For example 'Hamel (2000) suggests ...' or 'Nonaka & Takeuchi (1995) found that ...' or 'A study of economic change (Nelson & Winter, 1982) has shown that ...'

Footnotes should be avoided, but any short, succinct notes making a specific point, may be placed in number order following the alphabetical list of references.

Full reference should include all authors' names and surnames, date of publication, title of paper, title of publication (italics), volume and issue number (of a journal), publisher and form (books, conference proceedings), page numbers. Examples: